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Search Engine Affiliate Programs

Many search engines are now offering you a share of the profits by promoting their service. Basically, you get people to use the search engine and share in a percentage of the pay per click revenue. It can be lucrative, but most people are still going to use google, yahoo and MSN anyway!!!

Search Engine Affiliates–We all Use the Internet

What are you doing right now? You are reading this article. And where are you doing it? On the Internet and how was it that you found this article to read it? That’s right with a search engine. Ninety nine percent of the time we don’t know where we want to go on the Internet, we have no idea where to find most of the things we are looking for and so we use search engines. That is where search engine affiliates come in. They allow you to make money off of other peoples searches online. Just imagine how many people are on the Internet right now searching for something all over the world. It is a staggering number now imagine if you could get even just a fraction of them to do their searches through your site, you would be making more than enough to support you and your family in the style they are accustomed to.

Search engine affiliates are easy to deal with. When you sign up to one of the programs you will get a search engine box that you can put into your website. When you regular traffic comes in to look at your site they can use this search engine box to do their next search. Each and every time that someone does this you will make money. How will the big guys know that you earned some money you as? Well, these are very sophisticated programs these search engine affiliates. The search engine box that you are given will have it’s very own ID code attached to it and the search engine affiliates program keeps tabs on all of the boxes and it will record each time one is used.

You will get paid when the customer clicks on one of the results that they are shown. That is virtually everyone. When you do a search and get results you always click on something right? Right, therein lies your paycheck. Some search engine affiliates even allow you to customize how visitors see their search results. This is great because it can keep people from leaving your site all together. This way they may go off and look at something else but you are still there and they are more likely to come back to you. Having this open in another window is important to you overall business. But that is not the only part that you can customize. You can also customize the layout and the colors used in the palette. This allows you to give a more matching feel. You can set it so that the search engine affiliates results look very similar to your own website. With some you can even add your own headers and footers. It is like having your own search engine. Search engine affiliates are a great way to cash in on the Internet boom that we are experiencing today. Search engine affiliates are easy to find and easy to join.

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