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Internet Affiliate Programs

Welcome to the Internet Affiliate Programs website. Here you will discover the top new affiliate programs available including powerful two tier and multi-tier affiliate programs. You will find the best third party affiliate program networks, and affiliate software available if you want to set up and customize your own affiliate program. As well, we offer excellent affiliate resources such as affiliate books, articles and news. You can choose from a large variety of affiliate programs including casino / gambling affiliate programs, adult affiliate programs, pharmacy affiliate programs and hundreds of others. Take your time and peruse all of catagories of interest and soon you will be on your way to becoming a super affiliate!

What's HOT in Affiliate Marketing ? Pharmacy Affiliate Programs

Top webmasters are earning THOUSANDS of dollars each week. High traffic sites can easily earn close to $10,000/ month. While low traffic sites can easily generate between $1,000-$3,000/month.

The industry continues to boom as our society grows older and drug research prospers. Affiliates are now able to market over 20 different popular prescriptions. Build your site around one product, groups of products, or ALL the products. Choose to promote Weight Loss, Men's Health, Skin Care, Sexual Health, Pain Relief, Stop Smoking, and Anti-Anxiety. The possibilities for marketing in this industry are truly endless.

We've included the most popular online pharmacy affiliate programs below. Tip: you may want to sign up for more than one. Each affiliate program has different products, prices, and marketing material for you to use on your sites.

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Okay, you've joined the money making programs, NOW what?

I'm often asked by my visitors just exactly how to market products on the internet. It would take an entire book such as Winning The Affiliate Marketing Game: Discover A Revolutionary, 4-Step Affiliate Marketing System That Will Allow You To Print Money On Demand Like Clockwork... Guaranteed! (highly recommended) to cover all the details.

However I want to give you the main points that I feel are an absolute must to be successful online.

1. Consider buying your own domain name. That means no free hosting. Registering and hosting are cheap these days. It also gives you a more professional appearance to your visitors. Your own domain name will also be more Search Engine friendly. Blue Host provides affordable hosting and domain registration services.

Bluehost.com Web Hosting $6.95

2. When searching for a domain name I target a "keyword phrase". For example, if I wanted to promote products from a pharmacy site, I would choose something very specific from their site. Suppose I chose to concentrate on their "weight loss products." I would then choose a domain name with that keyword phrase in it such as: (www.weight-loss-products-online .com). Why? Because some search engines and directories use the keywords in your URL in their ranking algorithm. A better ranking means more visitors. More visitors means more money!

3. Build your web site. These days you don't need to know a whole lot about html. There are some good web site template stores on the Net and they are very affordable considering the vast amount of time they save you. We have used and often recommend the site Dream Template for their superior quality and great value packages.

DreamTemplate - Web Templates

4. Add content! There is an old saying that webmasters often use and that is "content is king." Content keeps your visitors coming back and also gives food for the search engine spiders to crawl.

5. Exhange links! Link popularity is HUGE in many search engine algorithms these days. If you want to have a good ranking you simply have to exchange links with other quality sites offering similar content. As many seasoned webmasters can attest, this is often the biggest pain.
Tip 1: If I had a web site about "weight loss" and I wanted to find similar sites to exchange links with, I might go to Google.com, type in "add link weight loss" or "submit link weight loss" and I would likely find many sites like mine that wanted to exchange links.

6. Submit your site to the search engines and directories. If nobody can find you then you're not making any money. Unfortunately most search engines and directories now require a fee to be paid in order to get your site listed. Google, the king, is still free but you'll need quite a few links pointing to your site before it's spider finds and eventually indexes your site. One way to get your site indexed quickly (48 hrs) for many search engines is to use the Inktomi Search Submit. It's currently $39 for the first URL and $24.95 for 2nd + URLs. Not a bad investment considering it instantly gives your site some exposure and link popularity.

7. Last but not least you may want to think about Incorporating your business, or forming an LLC. Depending on your personal situation there may be many advantages to Incorporating. However if you wait too long to Incorporate you may lose those advantages. The process has become surprisingly easy over the years and may even be done on the Internet with reputable companies like Rocket Lawyer - Learn how to save up to 90% off your legal documents. We suggest you check them out.