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Best Affiliate Programs

  • Active Marketplace
    ActiveMarketplace Partners get paid two ways:
    25% on sales from your website; 10% from other sites you refer to them.

    There is no cost to join. They pay you every month on every sale that is tracked to your affiliate code. In addition, they send confirmation e-mail with each sale and provide realtime, online tracking of your hits and sales.

    Sign up to offer their best seller, Winning the Affiliate Game. You can then use your affiliate number to offer any of their products such as Right on the Money; The Complete, Insider's Guide to Associate and Affiliate Programs; Nothing but 'Net; and Net Profits: How to Win the Internet Game. Join this program

  • Internet Marketing Center
    The Internet Marketing Center has lots of free tips and resources for people marketing their business online (or people wanting to start a business online). At this site they also sell their primary product which is a home-study course called "The Insider Secrets to Marketing your Business on the Internet", and other products such as business automation software called Mailloop, complete E-Commerce solutions, affiliate tracking software called AssocTRAC, your internet publishing solution called eBook Pro, The Internet Profit Maker Seminar in London on 3 video tapes, and the Secrets To Their Success membership. It is with these products that they can establish a mutually profitable relationship. More Benefits:

    - participate for FREE!

    - $65 commission per course sale, $125 commission per Mailloop sale, $200 commission per E-Commerce System sale, $165 commission per AssocTRAC sale, $55 commission per eBook Pro sale, $35 commission per London Videos sale, and a $6 monthly recurring commision for every month your referrals partake in the Secrets To Their Success membership.

    - (that is over 60% of our net profit for each product!)

    - if you reach 10 or more course sales in a given month, they will increase your referral fee to $75 per sale for all sales you have generated for that month.

    - add value to your website.

    - be up and running TODAY - after you register, you will receive their "welcome package" email in 5 minutes with everything you need. Join this program

  • ScamFree Zone
    Scamfree Ltd is the company behind the successful consumer-protection website the ScamFreeZone. Offer your visitors our Internet Success Blueprint online for $27. As a reseller you will earn $13.50 for each copy sold through your unique link. You only need to sell one copy per day to earn $405 per month!

    New Product! Now you can also offer their latest ebook... Internet Success Diamonds. This power-packed ebook of 52 pages is pure dynamite! Already one expert has called it "one of the most powerful ebooks ever written"! You'll earn either $39.50 or $48.50, depending on the version your customer orders. If you can sell a standard version each day, you'll earn $1185 per month!

    Third Product! The software that's taking the Internet by storm! Mentioned by Ken Evoy to his customers, Allan Gardyne to his subscribers and many more... Internet Success Spider. This software hunts down Super Affiliates...the people who can SELL your product! You'll earn $39.98 per sale. If you can sell a copy each day, you'll earn nearly $1200 per month!

    Their associates program has several "hidden" benefits that catapult it into one of the best affiliate programs on the Net! Take a look at these advantages and compare them against any other affiliate program! Join this program

  • Site Sell
    They pay some of the highest commisions on the Net. As a 5P affiliate, you earn a commission of between 25 30% of each sale. Factor in best-of-breed products, lifetime customer commissions, 2 tiers of income -- your earnings add up, fast.

    Join the 5 Pillar Program, SiteSell.com's award-winning affiliate program today -- for free -- and start earning revenue by adding a simple link to your Web site that refers people to SiteSell's highly acclaimed, affordable products. Join this program

  • Site Solutions
    You Receive $70.00 On Every Purchase that has been made to people who ordered our product through their link or banner on your web page. Plus, you'll make money off of all the sales that are made by your down-line members as well. The income levels grow VERY FAST!

    You receive additional income when one of your customers signs back up for additional terms of service. Over 95% of their customers renew their agreement for additional years of service. Every time a customer that was originally created by you or your down-line renews their contract with them, you'll receive additional revenue without any effort on your part.
    Join this program