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Advertising Affiliate Programs

Once the affiliate program is set up, the next step is to make affiliates aware about your program and attract affiliates to join. If you pay for a membership in an affiliate network, they generally promote your program to their existing affiliate membership in degrees depending on the level of serevice you paid for. If you created your own affiliate program or purchased software you will need to promote your program both on your site in an obvious place as well as on affiliate advertising sites. This requires a fee, but essentially allows you to notify via an email blast to an affiliate network that there is a new affiliate program opportunity available.

Advertising Affiliate ProgramsĖPopular and Effective

Advertising affiliate programs are popular because they are so effective. These programs are by far the easiest way to make money from home online. You will never have to actually sell anything and you will never have to ship anything. All that you have to do to participate in Advertising affiliate programs is promote other sites. Just pass the buck as they say, or more specifically pass the customer. You see, customers will come to your high traffic site and once they get there they will see your fantastic banner ads and such and click on them. They will then be redirected to another store selling whatever it is that they are interested in. You will receive a cut, a percentage of all that they spend at this fabulous store. And this will be happening even while you are sleeping, imagine making money while you are asleep!

There are thousands of great advertising affiliate programs out there floating on the internet. All you have to do is choose one. This can be a difficult feat and if you want to make the most money you should choose an advertising affiliate program that offers you lots of choices and options. The more you have the opportunity to sell the more specific you can get when you are setting up multiple websites. This way you can set up targeted sites, this is the most effective way to make money with advertising affiliate programs. But nothing will work if you donít have a good website. Your website has to be interactive and engaging. If it is too ugly or confusing no one will stay long enough to click on your banner ads and that after all is the goal.

The following are some of the good advertising affiliate programs that you will most likely run into in your search. ValueClick will pay you 20 cents per click on the banner or text ads. While this may not sound like much to you, if you have a website with high traffic you could be looking at a whole lot of money each day and you didnít even have to do anything. ValueClick has a lot more going for it than its rates. You will also get daily stats and the control over which banners you are using on your site each day. If you think that one of the other banners could do better business you are free to switch them out. Most other advertising affiliate programs do not offer you such options. ClixGalore is another one of the better advertising affiliate programs. This program is great because each time a merchant referred through your site opens an account you will get paid $15. All of the attractive banners that you need will be provided, this makes making money with these advertising affiliate programs as easy as 1-2-3.